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July 2011 Bush Blog
July 2011 Bush Blog
Spots and Profs

Spots and profs?  What on earth... has the boy finally gone mad(der), you may ask.  But not so fast.  Wait until you hear what we were up to at Explore Gorongosa in July...

First the "spots"... As you may have seen on our Facebook page and on the News section of this site - cheetah have finally made their way back to Gorongosa after a 40 year hiatus.  Four cheetah (2 males and 2 females) were brought in from the Eastern Cape of South Africa in a marathon relocation effort which unfortunately took its toll on one of the females as she did not survive the heavy travel schedule under sedation.  But the other 3 are doing well and getting used to their new home, two comfortable enclosures on the other bank of the Msicadzi river from us at Explore Gorongosa - so close we can almost hear them purring at night.  With the prospect of the floodplains full of yummy oribi and warties, purring would indeed be the expected response from these beautiful cats.  The idea is to keep them in the enclosures for long enough to break the homing instinct which is especially strong in the big cats, before releasing them into the park and hopefully making way in the enclosures for more cheetah to join them soon.

And what of the "profs" then?  Well Gorongosa in July was a hive of activity as the first official BioBlitz took place under the guidance of a number of celebrated ecologists and biologists who joined the park's dedicated team of ecologists and conservation officials in what was a very successful two week blitz to record a few baseline details in terms of Gorongosa's incredible biodiversity.  We were truly wowed by some of the information that was uncovered during the blitz, including some amazing news from some archaeologists who have been exploring the cave network to the northeast of the park - bones and tools from what is believed to be an early hominid (the first of its type to be discovered in Mozambique) have been turned up and it is super exciting to think what more might lie beneath the bat droppings and cavernous pools of the limestone gorges and caves.  We will certainly keep you updated with all their findings as they become more "official".

For me the highlight will most definitely be sharing with and learning from the legendary Professor EO Wilson.  For those not in the know - just Google that name and you will see what a priviledge it was to have this remarkable man of biological science here with us.  Sometimes dubbed, the modern day Darwin, Prof Wilson joined us for a night at Explorers and enthralled everyone at the table with tales of just about every imaginable kind.  We are certainly looking forward to a return visit from him and his band of merry men and women, all who shared so much of their knowledge and experience with us.  Read more about it on their great Life on Earth blog...

Oh, and just in case you were wondering, we still managed to fit in some great game viewing this month with lions and elephants aplenty, not to mention numerous sightings of strange and interesting critters like pangolin, serval, pelicans and one particularly odd looking all white bushbuck. 

In amongst a busy month in camp, we also managed to fit in a football match against the team from the park's recently completed Community Education Centre.  Since Cassius has moved across there to help out, he has frequently talked up a good game ending with a challenge laid down to his old crew at EG.  What followed was a football match of epic proportions - needless to say we scored first - an absolute beauty from our inspirational captain, Silver.  They only managed to equalise in the dying minutes after we had all but replaced our first team with our elderly and female staff members - some of whom were playing with blindfolds!  All joking aside, it was great to spend time with Cassius again and the match was a big hit with all who participated and spectated.  The rematch has already been set for early Sept... watch this space!

And so passed another action-packed, adventurous and rather amazing month in Gorongosa - there will no doubt be more to come during the follow-up to the BioBlitz over the next few weeks including some never-before identified species.  There is also an innovative and exciting online biological textbook that will feature Gorongosa strongly, as well as some great articles in some pretty lofty magazines - again, we will keep you updated as to what comes from this all as soon as possible. 

Until then, we look forward to some more fun in August as the park dries out more and hope to see you all here, there or somewhere again soon. 

While you are waiting for wilder days - enjoy some photos from a regular guest of ours, James Glasgow, who took these pics of the Egyptian Lady's cubs romping around the area of the Lion House and its ruins... nice one James!

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