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June 2011 Bush Blog
June 2011 Bush Blog
Gentle June

Despite the grammatically cheesy attempt at poetry in this month's blog title, the truth is that Explore Gorongosa really is a gentle destination - in every way.  The feel of the place, the rhythm of the seasons, the wildlife, the people, the atmosphere in camp - you name it... it's gentle!

What this means though is that you have to suspend your expectations somewhat, and - like your first ride in a Venetian gondola - let the flow and the magic of this really awesome experience carry you, without the need to rush about looking for little boxes to check off or counting off the minutes of the day.  So many folks these days opting for an African safari easily forget that it is a 'holiday', an amazing and unique one for sure, but still, in essence, it is a time to wind down, let all the rubbish out and get some first class, 100% wild nature therapy. 

Part of the therapy this past month was all the fun associated with re-discovering our Egyptian Lady lioness and her three young girls, now well into their 15th month.  Youngsters seem to rate quite highly on the Gorongosa therapometer in gentle June in general (say that last sentence 10 times!), with our resident pair of Pel's Fishing Owls introducing us to their little tyke now being fed on a yummy diet of mashed catfish and frog.  There was also the arrival of our beautiful Narina Trogon pair back again for the dry season of camp kitchen foraging, and yes... they too have been visited by the ever-busy Baby-Delivery Stork as they have a lovely little red-and-green juvenile already well esconsed in the day-to-day activities in camp!  Then there are all the little bushbuck and nyala who have dropped recently (minus one unfortunate bushbuck lamb that we found on a walk near camp in pieces after a serval had caught it the night before), that keep Jos goo-ing and gaga-ing on her regular trips in and out of camp.  Elephant and buffalo calves are being seen frequently now and it was not uncommon for our drives in June to pick up elephant, buffalo and lion, all with youngsters!

Finally, that sneaky little Stork also paid a visit to Jos and myself recently (obviously while I was not looking), and we are expecting a little khaki-clad, snotty-nosed bush-baby of our own later this year... watch out Gorongosa - here comes trouble!

Anyway, with youngsters and gentleness on the brain, and a gin and tonic in the hand, I leave you with this montage of images by Neil Dampier (one of our oldest friends and a freelance guide here at Explore Gorongosa).  They say a picture speaks a thousand words, and I think these ones speak volumes of the place we have come to know so well over the past three years... enjoy!

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