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May 2011 Bush Blog
May Madness 2011

We spent some time on the mountain in May with a great couple of guests and all of us without exception went through an incredible emotional journey of highs and lows as we witnessed some of the beauty as well as some of the human damage on the mountain slopes.  We did have a nice walk in the forest, we saw a Green-headed Oriole to keep Jo interested, and had a wee paddle in the waterfall, but we also saw forest destruction, over planting, cattle farming, and many other really sad results of human negligence and maltreatment. The mountain really needs all our support and the Park is trying its hardest to re-establish the balance required for long-term preservation.  We took some pics to illustrate the good, the bad, and the ugly...



Vasco's lovely little girl who has been a bundle of joy for all who live and work and visit the Park recently turned 5 to great fanfare and celebration.  EG baked her a cake in the shape of a snake - her favourite animal, and Rob and Elias proceeded to eat most of it (of course!)  The afternoon was also sadly a farewell to Melita as she returns to Thailand to continue with her schooling...

After 2 months in which he made a huge impact on all our lives here at EG, our trusty intern, Zeddy, returns to the UK this month to continue with his studies in Biodiversity.  We wish him all the best and are sure he will be truly missed by us all here in Gorongosa!

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