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Season Kick-Off 2011 Bush Blog
Season Kick-Off:
March-April 2011

Have you ever crossed a crocodile-infested river with a bed on your head?  How about pushing a truck full of mattresses out of a muddy swamp with a herd of grumpy elephants watching on?  Or pulling a tractor & trailer with an oversized dugout canoe out of a ditch? Well the crazy team at Explore Gorongosa had these and other fun experiences during the 2-week long camp set-up process in March, leading up to our opening at the end of March. The guys and girls are to be highly commended for their efforts under extremely trying conditions due to late rains and unusual river flows on the Msicadzi.

March also had our team in for their annual English language booster course with the good people at the PNG language school.  Barbara Hasselbeck has to accept huge thanks and hugs for her assistance and efforts with our eager team of budding English linguists.

Our first guests of the season were in on the 31st March and seemed to bring some good luck with them.  On our first game drive on the afternoon of the 1st April (the date is of no relevance I assure you!), we bumped into a pair of young lions - Splif & Splof to those in the know - who had just put a young muddy warthog in their mouths in the hope of turning it into an early dinner.  The lions being relatively young (a few months short of their second birthday) and inexperienced, the poor wartie did not die easily and after much wailing and gnashing of teeth, the boys finally got a stranglehold on the little pig and, well, that was the end of that.  They allowed us to watch them devour said warthog, although remained well hidden in the adrenalin grass, providing us with an audio experience second to none, expertly conducted by the wisping of their black-tipped tails above the tall grass.  With the sun dipping over the horizon and their recent pork sandwich settling in their tums, the boys came out into the open for some grooming and preening which provided some awesome photo opportunities in the orange light of sunset, as evidenced below in this uber-cool photo from Trish at The Zambezi Safari & Travel Co.  Zambezi currently have a great special for a Mozambican bush & beach holiday - check out more on www.zambezi.com

April saw our favourite greeny, John Nzira, otherwise known as the man who can turn a rubbish dump into a vegetable garden, visit us at Gorongosa to share his infinite wisdom and knowledge in the workings of permaculture or agro-ecology.  Through some theoretical and practical sessions, John showed the EG staff, members of the PNG and mountain teams, local villagers and schoolkids how easy it is to grow really nutritional gardens with less water, less soil, no pollutants or insecticides, minimal exotics and year-round yield.  The concept sounds miraculous but it is actually all relatively logical, if only we followed nature's examples more.  John received a huge response and it seems he will be back soon in these parts to continue his good work.  EG is proud to have been involved in a small way in getting John and permaculture in general to Gorongosa.

Easter comes but once a year and whilst many were celebrating a lovely weekend with friends and family, we at EG had a slightly different take on things this Easter.  We had in camp our favourite migrant fire-fly family from Portugal, as well as some new friends from Maputo & Azerbijan (don't ask!?), and Deputy Chief Kulumba and his crazy sidekick and film-maker extraordinaire, Bob Poole.  Vasco and his lovely family also came out to join us and so it ended up being an incredibly fun and choccie-egg-filled morning, even if Laura and Melita hogged all of Rob's chocolates!  They say pictures say a thousand words - so here they are...


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