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Explore Gorongosa Bush Blog
February 2010

I received this Kurt Vonnegut quip from a friend recently: “Bizarre travel plans are dancing lessons from God”... 

Now we all know Mr Vonnegut was a bit of an excessive character in most things - but I think he got this pretty much right.  He obviously did some pretty wild travel plans in his life, sort of like Jos & I are doing at the moment.  Although who would have thought that planning travels to the developed world of the United States would ever be this bizarre..?  

Yip, we are about to head off on our first big fat American adventure...and we can hardly wait.  In between paying our dues to great Americans like Vonnegut, Kennedy (president), Monroe (babe, not president), Presley, Warhol and co, we will also be catching up with some of our past guests, friends, family and African operators & agents in a whirlwind trip that includes 9 cities in 3 weeks!  Crazy, bizarre travel plans, we know – we certainly will have our dancing shoes on though.  I hope Kurt V would approve...  If there is anyone on the East Coast, Denver or Chicago regions that would like to chat more to us about Mozambique and Explore Gorongosa – please This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it and we will try and include you in our plans.  We are due to attend the premiere of the National Geographic film, Africa’s Lost Eden, out this year around the world and featuring Mozambique’s flagship national park in all its glory...

Talking of Mozambique - I wonder if Mr V ever travelled there... he would have had cause to believe more in the bizarre (bizarre: fantastic, unusual, out of the ordinary; not bizarre: weird).  I know I am now a biased resident and so my word cannot be taken on face value – but check out TripAdvisor or any other source of reliable travel information and you will see that Mozambique is more than a fly-by-night travel whim of the rich and famous... this is one of the most fantastic, unusual and truly extra-ordinary places in Africa, if not the world.  (Whoa, hold on Tonto, I’m about to climb onto my hobbyhorse...)
Where else in Africa can you get the combination of culture, history, idyllic tropical beaches, wilderness, game & bird viewing, mountains, and Africa-ness?  Aah, what of Kenya you might reply? And what about Tanzania, the lady in the leopard-print pith helmet asks?  Sure, both countries have much of the above in abundance – this I won’t challenge.  But how many people go to the Masai Mara each year, each day?  How many people line the beaches of Zanzibar or the slopes of Mt Kilimanjaro every day? 

And then ask yourself: How many travellers to Tanzania or Kenya get the chance to have a whole island to themselves?  How many travellers in these countries get to have an amazing wild lion encounter all to themselves?  Forget about the lions, how often do people in East Africa get a whole national park to themselves?   There is indeed much to be said for the magnitude of the migration or the snow-capped, fragile beauty of Kili.  But, hasn’t it all been said already?  Isn’t it time for something new, something fantastic, something unusual... something, dare I say it, bizarre?

Mozambique - especially the unique combination of bush and beach that is now possible with the visionary developments in Gorongosa National Park and the pioneering spirit at work in Niassa Reserve - is all of the above and more.  It’s new.  It’s exotic.  It scores 84 in Scrabble – 152 if you get it on a triple-word score!  It even has two different spellings... it’s just so cool. 

And if you were to spend a week on safari with us at Explore Gorongosa followed by a week on the sun-drenched beaches of Benguerra, Bazaruto, the Quirimbas, Nkwichi or Nuarro - you would be hard-pressed not to say you had found something very very close to the perfect African travel destination.  
So what’s happening in Gorongosa at the moment then, you may ask... as you start your next travel plans (whilst God hands you a pair of blue suede shoes)? 

Well, at the moment... a lot of this:


But soon (like as from 1st April), a whole lot more of this...


And this...


And this...


Why wouldn’t you want to come and be part of what many people are calling “one of the greatest conservation stories of our time”?

And please – don’t wait for “better times” to make your travel plans to join us in Mozambique... by coming out on safari with us you will be pro-actively making times better for yourselves and for the many Mozambicans you will meet on your trip.  No better way to make life better than by living it – in full colour, 3D, real-time and to the max!  (And for those that simply have to live it through the lives of others – check out some of our guests’ comments on TripAdvisor here, and whilst you’re at it you can view a short clip of our camp here, and the trailer of the current Nat Geo Gorongosa movie, Africa’s Lost Eden, here...) 

This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it if you would like to see us in later this month in the States or afterward in the UK (Rob is popping in there for a week on the way back in April), or if you would like to This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it to come and join us this year, or if you need any more information on our week-long Gorongosa Restoration Project expeditions we are running this year.

Until we see you then – happy dancing! 
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