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Guest Book: USA

This is what our American guests have had to say about their Explore Gorongosa safaris:

Fantastic spot!  I loved the park and am impressed with all the energy thatís going into the park.  All the best in the future and I hope to come back to see you soon.

Kathy (San Diego, California, USA)

Absolutely fabulous!

Bob & Barbara (New Mexico & Florida, USA)

In July we were happy to host Chris Matthews & his wife Kathleen (Washington DC, USA), better known for their work in American media channels (think Hardball), although Kathleen is now in the crazy world of travel & tourism. They had this to say about their time at Explore Gorongosa:

We are so impressed with the beauty and diversity of Gorongosa and all the work youíre done to restore this Jewel of Africa. Most importantly, we loved the collegiality of your team of conservationists, safari operators and the local community! Thank You!!

I am so powerfully impressed by the great work of the Carr Foundation here at Gorongosa Park. Thank you for remaking one of Africaís wonders.

Dear Jos, Rob and Team. Thank you for making my stay at Gorongosa so special. Although I loved all the drive through and the animals we get to see, enjoyed the walk this morning the most. You understand the environment from a different perspective when you are part of it. Plus I got to take so many pictures of my favorite fever trees. I was very surprised how luxurious camp accommodations can be. Dinner and brunch were as good as the company...

Virlana (NY, USA)

In April we had the pleasure of hosting a few trial guests at Explore Gorongosa. Here's what our very first guests at Explore Gorongosa, Tym and Charlene (Houston, USA), who were on honeymoon with us in Mozambique, said about their recent trip:

Thank you very much. We are doing well ... settling in back home now, and telling many stories of our wonderful honeymoon in Mozambique. We really enjoyed our visit with you in Gorongosa...

...I have to say that Explore Gorongosa was a true highlight of our trip ... far and away, you guys exceeded expectations for a bush visit, and honeymoon travel more generally for that matter, in terms of the standard of service, comfort and hospitality. We had a wonderful time.

Much appreciated, and love the pictures!

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