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Guest Book: Europe

This is what some of our European guests had to say about their experiences at Explore Gorongosa:

Our second trip in less than a year (364 days!) - you must be doing something right!  A fantastic return visit by half the family.  Thanks to Rob and Silver for our "mountain experience".  Hope to see you all again in the wonderful Gorongosa National Park.

James & Bear (Lisbon, Portugal)

We had a wonderful stay!  The location, the service, the food... everything was beyond our highest expectations.  But, most important of all, your friendliness made our (too short) stay in Gorongosa one experience that will stay in our memories forever.  Last but not least we sincerely wish you all the best for the project of bringing back all the wildlife to what is a beautiful part of the world.

Marco & Anna (Milano, Italy)

Thank you for a lovely stay.  We arrived with no idea what the park was like and after a week we were just amazed with the park, the camp, the people, Rob, Jos & Andy.  I will come back soon to be Andy's assistant even if he wants me or not!

Martin (the Lion), Johanna, Anna-Carin (Our favourite Norwegian Swedes!)

Thank you for introducing us to the beauty and magic of this park.  We do appreciate your great hospitality and patience in dealing with our family.  We all hope that we manage to come back one day and enjoy and appreciate how the park will have further developed with your contributions.

Marc, Liselotte, Zora, Nico (Basel, Switzerland) 
Note: Nico is officially the youngest guest of ours to summit Mount Gorongosa - and in record time too!

Every experience in Gorongosa took our breaths away!  Thank you for your hospitality and hopefully we'll see each other again in the wild...

Wouter, Tomas, Viktor, Zwenny, Mieke & Stephanie (The Dutchies!)

Beyond the service (that is impeccable), you are truly sympathetic and honestly nice!  This is a place for extraordinary people with simple ideas.  I hope your venture is successful and happy...

Marta (Lisbon, Portugal)

Here's the beginning of the world, just before man appears - And here we are...
A wonderful place with very friendly people. We hope we'll be back.

Elke & Jean-Pierre (Paris, France)

Thank you so much for a wonderful time exploring Gorongosa.  We are looking forward to see the results of the good work you are doing in the park and surrounding areas.  It is truly a garden of Eden and we are looking forward to coming back next year again!

Trym & Siv (Oslo, Norway)

I personally enjoyed every minute of my stay at the main camp and the fly camps. It couldn’t have been better – the ambiance, the comfort, the food, the staff, the attention to detail. You have both done a fantastic job. I couldn’t help but admire your enthusiasm and professionalism along with the way you both stayed so cool no matter what was asked of you. Cassius, Andy and Patrick were delightful and you and they have done a great job training the local staff.

I had no problems with the park either. I had chosen the trip because of the walking which is not always an option in the bigger parks. My African experience, such as it is, has always been in the smaller parks/reserves where one can walk and personally, I would rather walk among antelopes and other small game than chase around in jeeps, with masses of other tourists, looking for the big five. The pleasure for me just being there and enjoying what we saw – spending time just watching the interaction of the birds and the mammals at the waterholes always with the feeling that we had the park to ourselves.

Judith (Brussels, Belgium)

Dear friends, what a pleasure to get news from Gorongosa! I am glad that you had many guests in August , and I regret having missed the elephants. I enjoyed very much my stay with you and if I survive until next year I surely come back to see all the progress. I hope you had good weather when I left,here in Belgium we enjoyed the sunniest August since a long time. Best regards.

Freddy (Belgium)

I am delighted to let you know that Explore Gorongosa was voted, unanimously, as the highlight of the holiday and that we all want to come back and stay with you, and the lions, again – even Catriona! Ibo and Guludo were excellent but you two (and of course the rest of the team) were an extremely hard act to follow. Alasdair (aka Bear) and I are already talking about a hike up Mount Gorongosa with you asap but it seems that Gemma and Catriona also want to join in the trip.

I have been following your blog on a regular basis – lots of animal sightings and new photos on the site – making me very envious! I am worried that my photos will not meet the high standard but will send them anyway. The attached photo is of the elusive janischrobinimus (common name: the greater spotted poogatherer) searching for chocolate bars in the tree tops but only finding a couple of rather boring looking sausages. Don’t worry, janischrobinimus, a couple of bars of Cadbury’s best will soon be winging their way to you! Best wishes from us all,

James, Catriona, Bear & Gemma (Lisbon, Portugal)

Thank you for a wonderful wilderness experience - and for introducing my parents to safaris - incredible friendly staff & knowledgeable guide. I will come back soon!

Signe (Beira & Denmark)

I second that having become a permanent member of the "Gorongosa Information Team". All the best for the future! Kind regards,

Jens (Denmark)

We got married in Norway last Saturday and went straight here for our honeymoon. We have had 3 fantastic nights at Jos & Rob's beautiful camp, and it's been a perfect start of our honeymoon. The game drives and walks have been sooo exciting and we learnt a lot from Rob and enjoyed Jos' fantastic cooking! The service has been wonderful! Thank you so much for a fantastic stay and experience.

Anne & Andreas (Oslo, Norway)

In an interesting and new approach to marketing, Jan & Elisabeth found us through looking up their family tree on the internet - only to find that their cousin works in the park!

We hear about Explore Gorongosa experience through our newly found cousin here in Gorongosa! For the first time in our lives we saw lions, very nearby. Rob is a wonderful guide who can explain everything in a clear and comical way and Jos is very friendly and super hospitable. The tents were very comfortable, the view is spectacular and going to the toilet at night is very exciting! Thanks very much for giving my sister and I such a wonderful time in the bush.

Jan & Elisabeth (Holland)

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