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Guest Book: UK

This is what some of our guests from the UK have had to say about their Explore Gorongosa experiences:

We were hoping to find somewhere to relax, soak up the spirit & feel of Africa, see some beautiful views and sunsets, and catch a glimpse of some animals.  We have had all this and more - we've explored loads of different places, seen a huge variety of natural beauty, seen hundreds of animals and birds, had some exhilarating experiences with elephants (!) and enjoyed extraordinary hospitality.  What a start to married life!

Siobhan & Gary (London, UK)

Great hospitality.  Great service.  Wonderful hosts.  A thrilling and inspirational stay - all too short.  We felt more like house guests rather than clients.  We'll be back to check on the project.  With much love and thanks,

Peter Danger & Anne Moneypenny (Stamford, UK)

Thanks a million for such a special stay here in your wonderful camp.  Food fantastic, walking brilliant, staff super friendly and efficient - everything perfect!

Dee & Martin (Rutland, UK)

A really memorable few days - thank you for so much wonderful care and attention and great guiding.

Ursula & Louise (London, UK)

When I return for my centenary celebration in 30 years time Gorongosa will be a supreme game park once again, but it won't be as special as it is today, in it's blossoming infancy.  You and your team are doing an incredible job of which you should be very proud.  The very best of luck and thank you.

Sir RIchard (Exmoor, UK)

We have been here for 4 days and it feels like 4 months or 4 years because we feel so welcome and so relaxed. We've had great fun and a really good laugh.  We're completely blown away by this stunning park in the "emerald season".  The variety of the bush is unbelievable. The colours are just brilliant and we had some amazing sightings thanks to Rob's brilliant guiding - Southern Banded Snake-Eagle, African Skimmers nesting, ellies, buck, and bush pig.  Even the bugs are amazing! Will have to come back one day in the dry season - not sure how we will cope until then without some of Bento's delicious cakes though.  Thank you to the whole team, we are in awe of what you are trying to do here and wish you every success in the future...

Fran & Grant (Edinburgh, UK)

Three fabulous days with Rob, Jos & Andy.  What a magnificent project: the Gorongosa National Park!  Huge open spaces, teaming plains game, masses of birdlife... and nobody else here!  Lion next to the camp, porcupines and plenty of other unusual sightings.  Let’s hope we can link Explore Gorongosa with Pambele so that others can enjoy this unique experience.  The very best of success with your plans!

Chris & Julia, Pambele Lodge (Nottingham, UK)  www.pambele.co.mz

You have created a marvellous place here with the most wonderful atmosphere.  I am sad to leave but so pleased I have seen Gorongosa at this early stage.  What a privilege in this crazy world. I feel so at home in my tent and the sun greets me each morning accompanied by a symphony of bird song.  I shall miss it all so much when I wake to misty cold mornings, dark and damp back in the UK.  Have great success you two!

Patsi (UK)

This has been our first visit to Mozambique and to Gorongosa.  We have had a fascinating 5 days learning about  the history of the park, walking in the bush here and on the mountain,  and seeing all the birds and mammals!  Thank you Andy for fantastic, informative and fun guiding – and to Cassius, Patrick and the rest of the team for looking after us so well, and the delicious food!  We are already planning our return trip – we want to see the developing Gorongosa in a year’s time.

Maryann (Wales, UK)

It’s difficult to do ‘highlights’ for there were so many.  The ecosystem variability is absolutely astonishing and we had a treat of walking up into the rainforest to get a glimpse of the Green Headed Oriole.  Birding highlight otherwise was calling up the Green Malkoha. We had night-time adventures, rainstorms requiring an Ark, and much other fun.  Cassius was a great organiser and manager, the supporting cast were faultless, and we were so lucky to spend 5 days with Andy – a guide that guides like myself would like to be with. 

Jeff (Llanfairtalhaiarn, Wales, UK)

We came in search of birds and found oh so much more. Gorongosa was an extra special place, at times a sort of Eden for instance when showering naked under the stars just like Adam & Eve although they would have been denied the G&T around the camp fire and the morning pot of tea with crème caramel desert. There was so much and so few people to share it with, often only Jos & Rob and their dedicated team.

Rob (aka ‘one of Africa’s great professional safari guides’) and Jos (Mrs No Plastic Bags) were perfect hosts and the attention to detail was faultless. We were struck by their passion for the project, their knowledge (a thesis worth on Civet poo alone!), their exuberance, warmth and humour even as we made our 4.30am departure for Beira. Only complaint the stay was to short. We would hope to go back in a few years but next time I’m sure we must be prepared to share and that might be difficult.

Pam & Joe (UK)

This is such a wonderful place that it is difficult to reduce the experience into a few words - but one of the enduring memories will be wandering through the forest of yellow fever trees in the early morning. The physical beauty much amplified  by the company and the tuition from people who really care about the environment. Thank you!

Anne & Bob (Beira & the UK)

Good to hear from you and glad to hear that the park is flourishing. We really enjoyed out time with you. Your hospitality was delightful and the park really great. Unlike many of our our other holiday venues we shall certainly try and get back sometime.

John & Anne (UK)

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