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Explore Gorongosa Bush Blog
January 2010

And so it came to pass that the world had another birthday, one felt quite heavily by a large portion of her inhabitants on the morning of the 1st of January 2010. However, once the hops haze had cleared somewhat, we looked around and realised that this year could... should, be a little bit better than 2000-and-Fine-(ish). The recession continues to recede, Obama and Michelle made an excellent impression on the Christmas Oprah special (yes, bushmen like Oprah too), Tony Blair did not become Europe’s godfather...err, president, and the world looks like a good place to travel in once again.

Unfortunately, in Haiti we are witnessing the worst of 2010, already, and yet... there is something incredible about the way the world has come together and begun to make an effort there, inspired by the sheer tragedy of it all. I remember the first time Jos & I got inspired to do anything in Mozambique – it was whilst watching the now famous images of the lady and her baby in the top of the tree with floodwaters all around her back in 2000. We figured we could, again...should, get up to this country which has people with such will power and character. Mozambique is a can-do country, and is now getting to the point, we feel, where it can be a lamp for other developing countries to follow and learn from. The Mozambique of 2000 was a very different place from the bustling nation of 2010. For one thing, Gorongosa has been re-discovered, and that’s enough for a whole herd of celebrations.

We are waiting anxiously to get back into paradise (sometimes referred to as Gorongosa), and get set up for another year of wild delights and interesting people. We know the water levels will still be high enough now that it will all look quite similar to the Okavango Delta - in fact, the water lilies will all be out and the hippos will be frolicking in pools at the base of the Lion House... what a sight!  I have attached a few pics below that the Park team took in previous years around this time. Bear in mind, these images are all taken around the area we usually walk through!  I’ll be going up next week to try and swim, paddle, force my way in to the Park to get a couple of current pics which I will post here to show you how different the Park looks this time of year (and why we can’t really operate there now despite the beauty).

In the interim, we have been busy preparing for the year ahead, every now and then getting all misty-eyed and inspired by watching the new National Geographic film trailer which I will post on this site soon. For now you can watch it HERE. This 50-minute film – Africa’s Lost Eden - will launch on the Nat Geo Wild (HD) channel this year around March and will make its way around the world. We will update you all on screening dates, channels and times as we go. We will also be waiting for you to come and see Gorongosa for real, in the flesh, pure and unedited... surely the best way to experience Africa’s lost Eden?   

So on that note – we wish you all the very best for this exciting year – may it be full of happy days (and perhaps the odd trip out to visit us at Explore Gorongosa too!)

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