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September 2009 Bush Blog

September 2009

The spring has sprung in Gorongosa in so many ways that we can hardly believe this is the same place as it was in August.  The new green shoots of grass are competing with the new leaf flushes on the trees for the Most-Vivid-Green-of-the-Year award.  The birds are all busy building nests and chasing lovers around, all whilst keeping the competition at bay.  The oribi have already started dropping their calves - who with a little toothpick and some garnish would not look out of place on a platter of hors d'oeuvres... they're simply tiny!  And talking tiny - the little warthog piglets are popping up all over the place.  Jos is pushing the let's-adopt-a-baby-warthog button again, which at the moment is being ignored quite well.  Other bits and bobs from the bush include many incredible encounters on foot with all sorts of great stuff including the pair of Narina Trogons in camp and a herd of 60-plus sable antelope on the floodplain.  We have also been lucky with lions again in September with a number of great sightings of these incredible beasts in and around camp.  We even got to see our first kill in Gorongosa - a pair of young lions caught and terrorised a young bushbuck on one of our night drives early in the month, before eventually realising to eat was better than to listen to squealing.  Needless to say, our guests ate vegetarian that night!

Other great stuff from the bush this month has included the flowering Sabi Stars or Impala Lilies (Adenium obesum) as well as all the other flowers that are out in this garden of Eden right now.  Like the birds (and the educated fleas), the bees are making the most of all the new flowers and buds, and hives encountered on walks are seriously into full-scale honey production...yummy.  We have had some great guests this month at Explorers, and have managed to take some of them to some really awesome places in the park where they have had the chance to have some proper one-on-one time with the wilds of Gorongosa.  We had a very successful fly-camp up on the baobab hill with a couple from the States who seemed pretty thrilled by it all. 

We also have been able to enjoy the release into the Gorongosa Sanctuary of 54 buffalo that were brought up by the park from the Kruger Park in South Africa.  The buffalo endured a 2-day truck journey but were seemingly happy with their new surroundings as they went about munching grass and mooing (as they do) as if they were locals.  We will follow their progress closely, as well as that of their colleagues arriving in early October (yip - even more buffalo coming as part of the park's mission to up the mega-herbivore populations within the park after they took a hit during the decades of civil conflict.)

In amongst all this, we've all had time to enjoy the hot weather and some early rains, whilst still remembering the most important aspect of what we are doing here: to have a lot of fun, and appreciate what really is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to be part of a much greater vision to restore both the park and its neighbouring people to a much better state of life.  Life is too short to not realise the importance of a place like Gorongosa in the greater scheme of things...

Hope to see you in the park soon - This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it to find out more about our end-of-season special running from October to mid-December (when unfortunately we have to close for the wet season).  Until then - all the best from us all at Explore Gorongosa

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