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Bush Blog: January 2009

So far this year has been rain, rain go away, come back another day... this continent truly does have the best and the worst of the world's climatic range.  Still, the bush of Gorongosa is no doubt enjoying the hyper-hydration as the Pungwe River's banks are close to bursting.  Since camps are closed due to these rains in January, this is the month we focus more on the office side of things (marketing marketing marketing... hint hint). 

There is quite a lot to report from the 'bush' of our office in Harare including the recent sighting of a pair of brown-hooded kingfishers hunting lizards from their comfy perch on the swimming pool fence.  Birding in Harare has always been good, but lately we are starting to think that the renowned winged fraternity from Gorongosa has flown west for some summer madness.  We have frequently spotted over 50 different species in or above our garden in a sitting.  And we are 15 minutes from the centre of town! 

In Mozambique, we have been getting our team assembled for the season, and its looking quite exciting in terms of the great people that have mostly banged down our doors demanding a job!  Enthusiasm has never been a fault in Africa, and with a bit of fine tuning we are hoping to welcome you into our family come May 2009 with wide open arms and smiles.  We are also finalising our guide selection process at the moment and the options are seriously good - well we think so at least!  Top guides these days are hard to find, but we like to think that we have some mighty fine ones to join us this, our first season at Explore Gorongosa .

Talking of 'fine', we'd like to take this opportunity of wishing you all a great, happy and fun-filled 2000-and-fine... may it be just that!  We look forward to seeing you all soon in Gorongosa...

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