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Unique Mozambican Safari Experiences

Our principal offering at Explore Gorongosa is an exclusive tented camp safari experience, aimed at introducing our guests to the wonders of the Gorongosa National Park.  There are no set itineraries, and activity and schedule options are entirely flexible.

As a general rule we prefer to spend as much time as possible on foot, away from the noise and bumpiness of vehicles, and on the same level as the four-legged critters of Gorongosa. As such our unique safari experiences incorporate walking, as well as day and night game-drives, providing a comprehensive insight into the Gorongosa National Park, including the visionary restoration project underway to return the Park to its former state.  We also encourage our guests to enjoy spending time just being still and enjoying the wonders of Gorongosa that come and go when given the time and space to do what they do best. This may involve a slow lunch at a bush hide overlooking a waterhole or a perch on a branch of a high tree, a swing from a hammock in camp or a snooze under an ancient giant baobab. 

We also offer trips up to Gorongosa Mountain which is a whole experience all of its own. Think of a towering, bird-rich rain-forest canopy that separates flower-dotted altiplano highlands on the summit and the cloud-forest and waterfall-pocketed grassy plateau of the lower slopes. It is essential that these trips are planned and booked in advance as the mountain is locally sacred and as such there are certain community ceremonies required to be done. We also highly recommend that Gorongosa Mountain is explored as part of a two or three day adventure, utilising our fly-camp option for overnighting on the slopes and summit of this national heritage site. See our Mount Gorongosa page for more on these adventures...

Whichever way you chose to explore Gorongosa, each of our unique safari experiences have as their core the very highest standards of guiding, service and hospitality - after all, isnít this what really counts?


For more detail on the type of activities you can expect on your safari experience with us at Explore Gorongosa, please visit our activities page.


If you just really can't wait to find out more information on booking one of these unique safari experiences please contact us...  

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