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Explore Gorongosa's Wildlife

The wildlife of Gorongosa National Park is slowly coming back to its former glories.  On our daily walks and drives we are currently seeing more and more animals (not to mention the many birds we see daily in this exciting birding region).  What is most pleasing is seeing how the game in our operating area is quietly accepting us more and more as we spend time exploring their neighbourhood.  Many animals are even spending time in our camp as they no doubt see it as a place of refuge and interest. 

The Explore Gorongosa experience is about so much more than just the wildlife, but if you are interested to see what sort of wild and woolies are out and about in Gorongosa then please click on the following links for comprehensive lists of the mammals and the birds of Gorongosa:

Mammals at Explore Gorongosa

Birds at Explore Gorongosa

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