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Explore Gorongosa News

Our latest news and updates can be found here...

November 2011

  • The buffalo arrived from SA - 47 in all - and all seem to be doing well in the Sanctuary bomas after their 36 hr truck ride from the Kruger...
  • The rains started in earnest this month with some big showers and some terrific storms... one evening storm accounted for almost 2 inches of rain!
  • The end of November also saw us packing up Explorers for the end of its third season... a busy year but a good one for the camp and the wildlife of Gorongosa by all accounts!

October 2011
  • Word in from the Park is that another 50-plus disease-free Cape buffalo will be ariving in early November from the Kruger Park in South Africa.  The idea is to do a "wet" release with these animals directly into the park (skipping out the sanctuary).  But the irony is that the park may be too wet for this to happen after early seasonal showers hit the park in late October!
  • October saw the park hit all-time temperature highs with the mercury topping 45 degrees Celsius in the last week of the month... woweee that's hot!
  • There is some exciting news from the National Geographic film team in the USA - it seems we may get an earlier than expected launch of the second Nat Geo film (this one on the elephants of Gorongosa) - with early 2012 a possibility.  We will keep you informed as soon as we hear more...
  • The fourth edition of the Safari digimag is available now - this edition is even better than the first 3!

September 2011

  • National Geographic were back in the Park this month filming the second feature on Gorongosa, this time focusing on the Park's increasing elephant population.  Read more about it in the latest Bush Blog...
  • The cheetah were released into the floodplain in early September.  The two boys were initially seen on a few game drives but then one tragically was killed in a tussle with a male bushbuck - very sad.  But the other male and the lone female are seemingly still doing well and are moving out into further parts of the Park.  We await the arrival of more cheetah to join them soon...
  • The first Southern Carmine Bee-eaters of the season were seen in the Park in early September, as were the first European Roller and the first Woodland Kingfisher. Welcome back to all the birding migrants!

August 2011

  • The next (3rd) issue of Safari, the digital magazine from Africa Geographic is out now.  Check it out here...  

July 2011

  • The first of many (we hope) cheetah to return to Gorongosa and Mozambique arrived this month to much fanfare.  Three fit and seemingly happy cheetah (2 males, 1 female) are now settling in to their new homes in enclosures near our camp.  Read more about it here...
  • For those who have not checked it out yet, the second issue of Safari digital magazine from the team at Africa Geographic is out.  Check it out here...
  • The first major BioBlitz at Gorongosa took place this month headed up by Prof EO Wilson from Harvard University.  It was a huge success and there will be more information to follow soon for sure...

June 2011

  • We have had confirmation that the cheetah expected back in the Park (after an absence of this magnificent species here for over 40 years), are due in July from South Africa.  This is great news and we will keep you all updated as it unfolds...
  • Greg was up again this month to enjoy some more time in the Park and to overlap with the official visit of the Minister of Tourism, representing the Government of Mozambique at the Park ceremony on the 16th of June.  We at Explore Gorongosa are deeply grateful to the Government here in Mozambique for their ongoing support and vision here at Gorongosa.

May 2011

  • A great new online publication is out from the guys at Africa Geographic called Safari.  Click on the link below to see Explore Gorongosa as one of the featured experiences on the launch issues... 

  • There was also much fanfare in Durban recently during the Indaba travel show as our camp, Explorers, won Best New Safari Camp in Africa, and Explore Gorongosa the Best Ecological Property in Africa at the Safari Awards 2011 hosted by the Good Safari Guide.  Our thanks to all who voted for us!  Check out all the winners and the photos here... We have also included our press release which is available for use.
  • The official game census results from the end of 2010 were released by the Park this month.  Click here for more details...

April 2011
  • We hosted the first permaculture training course in Gorongosa this month with John Nzira, a regional agro-ecology expert.  John visited all the areas and departments in and around the park and demonstrated some basic yet revolutionary methods for improving agricultural output and resultant social wellness whilst reducing the impact on the earth and water supplies.  We were all enthralled by his visit and look forward to having him join us soon again to continue this great work in developing a permaculture mind-set in the people of Gorongosa in the hopes of assisting to save the mountain and reducing the human stresses on the park!
  • Greg & Susan were up to visit in late April and spent some time enjoying the peace and tranquility of Gorongosa.  They also witnessed one of the permaculture sessions with John whilst they were here.
  • Jos & Rob will be attending the annual African Travel Indaba in Durban again in early May so if anyone is attending and would like to make an appointment to see us please just drop us a mail...
  • And on the subject of Indaba, the Good Safari Guide Awards have recognised Explore Gorongosa and the people of One Africa in selecting us as finalists in 3 different categories: Best New Safari Camp, Best Ecological Property, and Personal Contribution to Safari Tourism... 

March 2011

  • Our merry band of staff returned to set up camp again after the 3 month break and found our lovely camp site in a truly wild state with signs of much elephant activity over the wet season and a washed away crossing over the Msicadzi - much adventure had by all to get things up and running for our 2011 opening
  • News came in this month that there will be more coverage from National Geographic this year on Gorongosa with talk about a second film being produced on this magical wildlife wonderland... we will keep you updated on this as we know more

February 2011
  • Jos recently visited a number of agents and tour operators in South Africa, Swaziland & Mozambique and shared with them the wonders of Explore Gorongosa - we look forward to seeing tent-loads of guests from these loyal suporters of ours this year
  • Greg celebrated his birthday this month - we know he was spoilt well by Susan and we wish him all the best for the year ahead.  We also hope the cheetah project anticipated for this year in Gorongosa will be a great birthday present for him and the Park as a whole!
  • The most exciting news to come in February was confirmation of our successful bid for a long-term tourism operating agreement with the Park and the Ministry of Tourism.  This award re-inforces the efforts we have made over the past two seasons with Explore Gorongosa to model eco-tourism and related conservation and community support within Gorongosa National Park.

January 2011

  • Mozambique, Gorongosa National Park and Explore Gorongosa have received some great international press recently... The Tatler Best Hotels for 2011 piece is now available here; and then we recently received Sue Watt's piece on eco-tourism in Mozambique from the current issue of CNN Traveller magazine too.  All great PR for a really inspiring country, Park restoration project and eco-tourism destination
  • Rob just returned from a few days checking on things in the Park over the wet season - some pictures and a report of his trip will be included in this month's Bush Blog...

December 2010
  • Explore Gorongosa has been featured in next month's (January 2011) Tatler Magazine Travel 101 Best Hotels for 2011... we will post an online link to it as and when it comes out early next month.
  • The rains have arrived in force now (big thunderstorms every day for the first week of the month) - so we are all packed up now and heading off for a couple of months of R&R... see you in 2011!

November 2010
  • We took the Explore Gorongosa magic to London again this month for the annual WTM Travel Show and subsequent roadshow around the UK.  It was a great success and thanks to all those who helped us out with accommodation, lunches, dinners, high 5's, support and encouragement...
  • A really cool aspect of this year's WTM show was the buzz that The Mozambiqe Collection generated.  Read more about our unique handful of special Mozambican experiences here...

October 2010
  • Greg joined us in camp to host Ken Tinley, the ecologist who wrote up the original ecological framework for Gorongosa in the 1960s and 70s.  Ken was brought back to Africa from his native Australia by us, the Park and Dave Varty from Londolozi, since Ken also helped them develop a land management plan in the 1970s. Ken brought along his didgeridoo and we had great fun playing it around the fire at night. Ken also shared much of his incredible knowledge and experience with us.
  • In a comprehensive flight over the Park, Greg flew over the mountain with Ken and was shocked at how much damage has been done there due to unchecked slash-and-burn practices.  This will hopefully come under better control now that the mountain is part of the National Park.  He did however rave about seeing the Park from the air and reinforced what a beautiful part of the world this really is.
  • In early October, Explore Gorongosa was included in a great article on Mozambique by Sue Watt in the British paper, The Independent.  Check out the article here...

September 2010
  • We have recently recruited 2 new local staff members to join our team. Samuel and Geremias (both from Gorongosa district) will be joining us on a training program in October.  Welcome home guys!
  • Our scout Jinga, after recommendations from a doctor, has now also stopped smoking joining Perreira in the land of the tar-free lung brigade!
  • News came officially this month that 60 buffalo will be brought in in late October to Gorongosa and released directly onto the floodplain.  They will be the first group brought in from the nearby Marromeu Reserve in Mozambique (at the mouth of the Zambezi) - so they are locals!  It is hoped that with their existing command of Portuguese and their knowledge of local conditions they should be okay to release directly into the Park without bypassing the Sanctuary.  There are reportedly herds of almost 10,000 buffalo in this remote wetland park, so this bodes well for sharing with Gorongosa and other parks in Mozambique.

August 2010

  • Check out a great article by Anna Murphy that came out recently in the UK's Sunday Telegraph on Mozambique and Explore Gorongosa... Click here for the link
  • We have an exciting Explore Gorongsa Yoga Safari (yogari?) planned for late October - if you are keen for a bit of a wilderness experience with a difference, please This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it ...
  • We are also running a wildlife photography workshop safari, with photo-pro Christopher Scott, planned for late November.  See here for more details on this and other special interest trips at Explore Gorongosa - again, if you would like to come and join us on a photo-frenzy in this secret season in Gorongosa, please This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it ...
  • We are starting to look at an itinerary for our annual UK roadshow (& possibly western Europe too) around early to mid November - if anyone has any suggestions or would like to make an appointment to see us in person before booking a trip of a lifetime, please feel free to This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it ...

July 2010

  • The Park celebrated its 50th anniversary as a National Park this July - an event attended by the Minister of Tourism as well as other key dignitaries from across the spectrum of politics, conservation, human development, and tourism...yay!  Greg joined us in camp for the celebration of this event.
  • And in even BIGGER news, Gorongosa Mountain is now officially part of the National Park after a landmark decision by the Government of Mozambique - this is great news!

June 2010

May 2010

  • Our partner, Susan Reis, made her first visit to the Park last month and by all accounts she is now also a real Gorongosa convert.  With her and Greg's help, the project continues to expand on its authentic experiential safari roots, and we hope to see them both back at Explorers again soon.
  • We also completed our first recce exploration of the Limestone Gorges on the eastern escarpment of the Park.  Together with 5 intrepid explorers from Maputo, we had some good times trekking and adventuring in the gorges and along the stunning limestone cliffs.  Read more about it in our May Bush Blog entry...

April 2010

Rob & Jos completed a 3-week marketing roadshow through the States and the UK in late March and early April.  They visited many operators, agents, friends, and family on this very productive safari to the "civilised world"... thanks to all those who hosted us, entertained us, met with us, and those who just kinda hung out with us wild bush-bats from Mozambique (Francie, Chris, Neil, Carey, Greg, Charles, April, Rich, Diana, Eric, Sarah and co...)

March 2010

We ran our first safari for 2010 in early March - trialing out the wet season... and what a trial it was!  The rains came quite late this year in Gorongosa and as such left the place somewhat water-logged.  Thanks to Fran and Grant for being such troopers and for putting up with Rob's terrible wit.  We look forward to seeing you back in Gorongosa in somewhat drier times!

February 2010

Our staff are back in Gorongosa after a couple of months break at home for the wet season, now undergoing a refresher training course under the very able tuition of our Number One: Cassius.  Some of them have recently also spent some time as apprentices in some regional hotels and lodges.   They are all excited an rearing to go for 2010 - we could not be luckier with our staff and their approach to work here at Explore Gorongosa...


Click here for some archived news clips (October 2008 - January 2010)

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