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Gorongosa National Park is one of the most exciting travel destinations in Mozambique at the moment with a visionary Restoration Project in place to re-establish the Park back to its former glory...

Flora & Fauna

Gorongosa National Park is home to a great diversity of animals and plants, some of which are found nowhere else in the world. From the lumbering African elephant to the endemic Green-Headed Oriole; from the famed Gorongosa lions to the rarely seen fire squirrels of the rainforest, each species has a story to tell.  Soon you will be able to browse through lists of hundreds of species, to learn more about the smallest insects to the largest mammals found in Gorongosa. 

Click here for a complete list of the wildlife of Gorongosa...


The ecology and history of the Park is fascinating, and provides an insight into the more complex socio-ecological aspects of Mozambique as a whole.  Gorongosa National Park protects a diverse ecosystem that is defined by the life-giving rivers and underground aquifers that flow into the valley. The heart of Gorongosa, Lake Urema is an incredible natural phenomenon that is fed from nutrient-rich aquifers filtering down from hundreds of kilometers away.  These bountiful water sources provide the ideal habitat for a multitide of wildlife, some found only in this region.  Moreover, the ecology of Gorongosa is unique in that the vegetation varies from open grassy floodplains, through fever tree forests, palm thickets and mixed woodland, to Albida forests, Miombo-lined ridges, oxbow lakes and seaonal sodic pans.  There are deep, bat-filled caverns and gaping limestone gorges; cascading waterfalls set in threatened cloud forest, and baobab-dotted broadleaf. As part of the ever-expanding Rift Valley, the Gorongosa system is constantly in flux, which makes it even more exciting as a living, breathing ecological treasure. The Gorongosa region is also situated in a very ecologically diverse setting between the lower Zambezi and Pungwe/Buzi river and delta systems. More information on the unique and diverse ecology of Gorongosa will be available here soon.


A deeper look at the social history and cultural diversity of the people of Gorongosa provides a fascinating journey through the history and culture of Mozambique as a whole.  Although people are not allowed to live within the Park, a large number rely on the Park for their livelihood, whether through fishing, employment, natural resource harvesting or related activities. Soon you will be able to learn more about the people who live in the traditional villages that border the Park.


Gorongosa has a rich and fascinating history.  Through the centuries, this region has been on the crossroads of history, a result of both its geographic position as well as its abundant natural resources. From ancient civilisations to coastal Arab traders; from gold, ivory and slave traders of the ancient and recent past to localised tribal conflicts – central Mozambique’s past is a microcosm of the history of Africa. Take a walk with us through some of the origins, the golden years, the harrowing civil war, and the recovery of Gorongosa National Park.

Although the primary focus of our unique safari experiences within Gorongosa is the incredible biodiversity of the region, we also like to introduce our guests to this varied and often quite harrowing history. This reflection on the past serves as a very important lesson on the impact of people on the environment and on each other – a reminder and a cautioning of the effects of our-story on this, our very fragile planet home.


Browse travel maps, ecology maps, and more in our Map Room...

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Daily Airlink flights between Jhb and Beira

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The best way to access Gorongosa from Johannesburg is through Airlink's daily service between Johannesburg and Beira. For the past 3 years that our guests have been using this service, we have had no problems - no delays. Thank you